Meet The Team



Memories from the life of a book lover:

Age 10 – Walking with my brother to the mobile library with an arm load of books then returning home with another arm load later on.

Age 16 – First job working as a junior office clerk for a building company in East Melbourne. One and a half hours from home by bus, train and then tram. Lots of time for reading and swapping books on railway platforms and at bus stops. Plenty of stops missed when the story got too good!

Fast forward to Age 54 – living the dream of so many people “to own a bookshop”. Aah, the bliss (and the constant temptation!). Unpacking the new releases is like having Christmas every month. It’s such a pleasure to come to work and chat about books with all the wonderful customers of Moruya Books.





Not much has changed since this photo was taken.

You can still find me tucked up in bed dozing off while trying to read just a few more pages, eyelids fighting to stay open!

I was one of those kids yelling “Again! Again!” to my Mum and Dad asking them to read the same stories over and over again. Sometimes they would have to get a little creative with the story, missing a few sentences here and there but I’d always pull them up on it.

I’m the sidekick at Moruya Books, Bookseller by day, artist by night.

I love animals, birds, reading, cooking and eating (not in that particular order).

Please come in and say hello, I’d love to hear your stories too!