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Crime and Thrillers

What is Crime?

Crime is a genre of fiction based around crimes; these include mysteries, detectives, court cases and the criminals and motivations behind the crimes. 

Most follow a similar structure: a crime is committed, an investigation is opened, then a form of judgement is made either through the legal system or revenge. 

What is a Thriller?

A thriller is a sub genre, mainly found in mystery and horror novels.

They tend to be action-packed, plot driven and fast-paced. Thrillers are made to induce strong feelings in their audiences; such as tension, anxiety, and fear. 



50 Books To Read If You're An Armchair Detective

A book lover's guide to the 50 most iconic and interesting 'cosy crime' novels.

The perfect gift for book-loving friends and family, 50 Books to Read If You're an Armchair Detective will provide lots of inspiration for fans of cosy crime to discover lesser known books and revisit forgotten classics. Whether you're a Richard Osman fan or a Sherlock Holmes devotee, bibliophile and book blogger Eric Karl Anderson will introduce you to some new and unexpected novels. The book includes an interactive element with space for star ratings, lists of favourite reads, thoughts and dates for beginning and finishing books.

The 50 recommendations encompass a range of authors and books, from classic to contemporary and from across the globe so as to offer the lucky reader plenty of scope.

This is the start of a new series of gift books celebrating books and reading, so if cosy crime isn't your thing, don't worry! You can also indulge in some love stories with 50 Books to Read If You're a Hopeless Romantic.

50 Books To Read If You're An Armchair Detective