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Our resident manga expert

Get to know more about Ruby's taste in books below:

More about me

1. Who are your auto buy authors?:

Ai Yazawa, I love her writing and illustrations.

Hirohiko Araki, peak fiction!

2. What's your favourite genres?:

Non-fiction specifically nature/travel writing.

Sci-fi, magical realism and shojo romance. 

3. Do you judge a book by it's cover?:

Yes, probably too often. I can't help but go for a pretty book.

4. Your most anticipated release of 2024:

In the clear moonlit dusk volume 6. 

5. How do you organize your personal bookshelves?:

Usually series in order, by size or colour coordinated. 

6. What books are high on your TBR (to be read pile) this year?

My favourite book quote:

"I stand up, wipe the dirt off my jeans, and walk away. I know I'm not coming back."

Favourites of 2024 so far:

TBR (want to read):

Currently Reading:

Barbarian Mine

By Ruby Dixon

The fourth novel in the international publishing phenomenon the Ice Planet Barbarians series, now in a special print edition with bonus materials and an exclusive epilogue!

Harlow receives the shock of her life when she wakes up to see Rukh, a stranger who has clearly been on his own his whole life, but she soon learns that there is much more to this gruff, barbaric alien than the savage he appears to be.

The ice planet has given me a second lease on life, so I'm thrilled to be here. Sure, there are no cheeseburgers, but I'm healthy and ready to be a productive member of the small tribe. What I didn't anticipate? That there'd be a savage stranger waiting nearby, watching me. And when he takes me captive, the unthinkable happens...I resonate to him.

Resonance means mating, and children...but I don't know if this guy's ever been around anyone before. He's truly a barbarian in all ways, and he has claimed me as his own.

So why is it that I crave his touch and hunger for more?

Barbarian Mine
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