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Our fearless leader and owner of Moruya Books.

Get to know more about Janice and her taste in books below:

More about me

1. Who are your auto-buy (you'll buy absolutely anything they write, even their shopping list) authors?

Sara Winman, Chris Hammer, Inga Simpson and Kate Morton

2. What's your favourite genre/s?

Nature writing and Historical books, both fiction and non-fiction.

3. Do you judge a book by its cover?

Yes, at the start, but...

4. What's your most anticipate release/s of 2024?

Surprise me. I'll know when I see it.

5. How do you organise your personal bookshelves?

I have my nature and environmental books on one bookcase, then my non-fiction and fiction on another two bookcases. All my children's books and poetry are on my fourth bookcase and are all organised by height.

6. What books are high on your TBR (to be read pile) this year?

Demon Copperhead, Prophet Song and Unravelling the Silk Road.

But the list just keeps growing!

My favourite book quote:

"I am pessimistic about the human race because it is too ingenious for its own good. Our approach to nature is to beat it into submission. We would stand a better chance of survival if we accommodated ourselves to this planet and viewed it appreciatively instead of skeptically and dictatorially."


Favourites of 2023:

Currently Reading:

A Clear Flowing Yarra

By Harry Saddler

They say you can't step in the same river twice, and it's true that the Yarra has been hugely changed - but this book is a glorious and timely reminder that things can also be changed for the better.

Nature writer Harry Saddler hops, skips and jumps his way along, beside, on and even in the Yarra River from source to mouth, reveling in its hidden beauty, getting close to platypuses, kingfishers, Krefft's gliders and the occasional seal, and meeting many of the swimmers, bushwalkers, ecologists and traditional owners who are quietly and tenaciously restoring the river, patch by patch.

Optimistic, inspiring and heartfelt, A Clear Flowing Yarra is a passionate love letter to the river that shapes Melbourne, and an evocative vision of what it is now and what it can be.

A Clear Flowing Yarra

The Singularities

By John Banville

From the Booker Prize-winning John Banville comes a playful, multilayered novel of nostalgia, life and death, and quantum theory.

A man with a borrowed name steps from a flashy red sports car? Also borrowed? Onto the estate of his youth. But all is not as it seems. There is a new family living in the drafty old house: the Godleys, descendants of the late, world-famous scientist Adam Godley, whose theory of existence threw the universe into chaos. And this mystery man, who has just completed a prison sentence, feels as if time has stopped, or was torn, or was opened in new and strange ways. He must now vie with the idiosyncratic Godley family, with their harried housekeeper who becomes his landlady, with the recently commissioned biographer of Godley Sr., and with a wealthy and beautiful woman from his past who comes bearing an unusual request.

With sparkling intelligence and rapier wit, John Banville revisits some of his career's most memorable figures, in a novel as mischievous as it is brilliantly conceived.

The Singularities

Chasing Plants

By Chris Thorogood

• Chris Thorogood has a social media following of 18,000 and makes regular appearances on TV and radio

Chasing Plants
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