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Fauna (Oxford Dictionary)


the animals of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.

  • a book or other work detailing the animal life of a region.


A Job For Kingsley By Gabriel Evans
Julie's Fav

A Job For Kingsley

By Gabriel Evans

Kingsley has decided to get a job. This is not a decision to be taken lightly. After all, a job is a BIG responsibility.
But finding the right kind of job is much harder than Kingsley expected. Some jobs are tricky for paws. Some jobs are difficult to understand. And some just don’t seem to appreciate a dog's work ethic the way they should. Will Kingsley ever find a job that is exactly right?
A sweet, tender and deeply funny story about the power of friendship, belonging, and one dog’s mission to find the perfect job.

Inside peek:
inside a job for kingsley_edited.jpg
Monique's Fav

Pop-Up Birds

By Laura Cowan, Giulia Lombardo

A spectacular pop-up book full of beautiful birds

From hovering hummingbirds and dancing pink flamingos, to diving penguins and owls spreading their wings before your very eyes, birds fly off the page in this gorgeous pop-up book. Lyrically written and informative, this book is a delight to read aloud, introducing a lovely selection of birds in a wonderful, memorable way.

Local Authors:

Diary Of A Wombat By Jackie French, Bruce Whatley

Diary Of A Wombat

By Jackie French, Bruce Whatley

A delightful and entertaining peek into the life of one very busy wombat! Ages: 3-7

Monday Morning: Slept. Afternoon: Slept. Evening: Ate. Scratched. Night: Ate. A typical day. Don't be fooled. this wombat leads a very busy and demanding life. She wrestles unknown creatures, runs her own digging business, and most difficult of all - trains her humans. She teaches them when she would like carrots, when she would like oats and when she would like both at the same time. But these humans are slow learners. Find out how one wombat - between scratching, sleeping and eating - manages to fit the difficult job of training humans into her busy schedule.

Jackie French

Jackie French AM is an Australian author, historian,  ecologist  and honourary wombat (part time). Instead of hobbies she has written over 200 books;  built a house and power system;  planted thousands of trees;  harvests about 800 of them;  lunches with friends; reads to her grandkids;  tries to find her glasses; eats dark chocolates, what ever fruit  is in season and the odd feral species. (Some are very odd). She coined the term ‘moral ominvore’ to describe her diet.

Jackie has studied over 400 wombats, and been the (almost) obedient slave to a dozen of them.

The Last Dragon

The Last Dragon

By Charles Massy, Mandy Foot

Age range 7+

Beneath the western mountains, on the open plains of the high Monaro where the skies are blue and big, there lived a little dragon lizard.

Timpo is the smartest, best-disguised lizard in Narrawallee, the Big Grass Country. Wolfie the spider is his good friend, but there are no other dragon lizards and he is lonely for his own kind.

Timpo and Wolfie embark on a journey to discover if Timpo is indeed the last dragon left in the valley. Through a landscape of grassland, granite boulders, shiny snow gums, and shady creeks they search, encountering new friends but also facing grave danger. Wolfie must return home with her spiderlings, but Timpo trudges on … will he ever find another dragon lizard?

Featuring stunning artwork in ink and graphite by artist Mandy Foot, and an author’s essay on the Monaro Grassland Earless Dragon and its grassland habitat, this is a book that will have crossover appeal as a gift book for adults.

Charles Massy
G is for gugunyal: A Dhurga alphabet book

G is for gugunyal: A Dhurga alphabet book

Leanne Brook

G is for gugunyal: A Dhurga alphabet book helps new speakers pronounce the 24 sounds used in Dhurga language. It complements the Dhurga Dictionary and Learner’s Grammar: A south-east coast NSW Aboriginal language.

Dhurga is one of four traditional languages of the south coast of New South Wales. It was spoken by Yuin (Yuwinj) people between Nowra and Narooma, and as far inland as Braidwood and Araluen. Our language connects us to our people and our physical world. Traditional languages are being reclaimed and spoken across Australia. Fragments of Dhurga were kept by Elders and in books. Dhurga was sleeping; but is now being taught, learned and spoken by Yuin people.


Leanne Brook is a proud Murramarang Yuin woman living in Ulladulla, New South Wales. She is a contemporary artist, illustrator and author, and uses her art to connect with her culture, land, people and language.

Leanne began learning Dhurga after starting work at Ulladulla Local Aboriginal Land Council. She felt she was regaining something that had been missing, for her, her community and especially for her mother and Dhurga Elders. ‘Now I feel a sense of responsibility and a calling to help my community restore and teach our native tongue,’ says Leanne.

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Usborne Book and Jigsaw At the Zoo

Usborne Book and Jigsaw At the Zoo

Kirsteen Robson, Illustrated by Gareth Lucas

Usborne Book At the Zoo